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Here are some examples of my mixes of Shows I played in the last couple of years. It showcases different genres depending on the concept of the party. As I am a DJ who plays open format, I’m available to different genres which are:

80s / 90s / Pop / Rock / Austropop / German Pop / Italo Pop / House / Symphonic House / Chill House / Funk / R&B / Salsa / Bachata / Latin Pop, and other genres.








Back to the 80s Party 06/2024 Salzburger Freilichtmuseum

Salzburger Freilichtmuseum / Back to the 80s Party 06/2024

Five years ago, I began working for a reversal of clients who have been asking me to play on their events ever since.

Event @ Brandboxx Salzburg, Austria


If you would like to hire me for a company event, showcase event, birthday party, private party, wedding or if you are looking for a collaboration, please call me or send me an email:

                                        TEL +43-650-2440250