Bert van Engel - Salsa Parties und Events

Hello There,

I’m Bert van Engel aka Engelbert Eichner. This is my showcase featuring different styles and genres of compositions. You can check my bio by clicking on the navigation burger top right if you need more information. Turn your speakers on and enjoy.

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Soundtrack for an image video by the leading fashion and event center Brandboxx in Salzburg.

On a regulary basis I play on events here.

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Symphonic soundtrack for an image film of the Salzburg People’s Party (SVP) as part of the SVP state party conference in June 2017 and the following state election campaign.

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House music production collab with Marc Korn ft. Nicco, released June 2017 on Blanco y Negro (record label). Rised to #27 on German DJ Charts.

Buy it on Itunes, Amazon or Beatport.
Listen to it on Spotify.

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House music production with fat symphonic parts, released January 2016 on MunixMusic (german record label).

Link to all stores:

If you’re interested I would be happy to hear from you. You can phone me by calling +43 650 2440250, text me a message or write me an email. I’m not using a contact form, google map, social plugins or other fancy stuff on this showcase page because I don’t want bother you with this General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) sh*t.

Thank you for listening.