Bert van Engel - Salsa Parties und Events

Hola amigos,

my name is Bert van Engel. Actually that’s an artist name. My real name is Engelbert Eichner. My friends call me Engelbert or Bert. I’m a keyboarder, producer, DJ and conductor with a tendency towards the crossover.

I was a graduate of the elite university Mozarteum in Salzburg. Having grown up with Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Rachmaninov and many more I made my way in electronic music many years later. Inspired by various stylistic trends I wanted to express my passion for music and sound and came up with these fine selection of work.

Working as a scene DJ with salsa roots too, I know what makes the club boil. Rely on my sense of rhythms and sounds. Believe me: I CAN read the crowd.

We see us in the clubs and on stage. Enjoy!